« Lefèvre is a pianist who breaks the mold. His performance of Rachmaninoff’s Second Piano Concerto was musically arresting from the start – a triumphant debut with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra … Lefèvre brought a sense of occasion and magic to the evening, with his own composition - Balalaïka - as an encore. The audience loved it. »
- International Piano, London -
« The emotion was at its peak when Alain Lefèvre performed Gershwin’s Concerto in F at SPAC with the Philadelphia Orchestra: “ (…) The audience loved it and Lefevre gave them an encore: an original jazz composition that had flying fingers, two-handed progressions and lots of éclat. »
- The Daily Gazette -
« absolutely gorgeous and musically sophisticated »
- Times Argus -

« I was four years old when I first sat down at the piano. Still today, my daily rendez-vous are shared with Bach, Brahms, Chopin, Rachmaninov, Schubert, and so many others... Unfailingly they are there waiting for me, demanding, listening each and every day to my finger’s gymnastics. Every time, I have to surpass myself and transcend their scores on the stages of the world. Always, I strive to deliver the purest essence of these great composers. Quite a challenge. But my vision on life and music would not be complete, if I didn't find my own heartbeat, my release, in the rigorous discipline that is the hallmark of classical music.

So, composing came as a natural step, a new breathing, musically setting down my anxieties, joys, sorrows, disappointments, dreams, expectations and happiness. I was fifteen when a first musical theme made its way from the inner workings of my mind to the forefront of my thoughts. Since then, some sixty works which I have composed, rest in my piano bench as well as in the closets of my mind. Impressions and memories of all my travels while touring, were always a great source of inspiration, may it be in a new encounter, a laughter, a sigh, a smile, a sadness, a victory. Every little detail speaks to my senses, a perfume, a color, a note, a landscape. With my compositions, I felt like breaking a silence and give another voice to the words and images of my life.»

Alain Lefèvre
Photo : © Simon Fowler / Warner Classics
Opus 7 marks the 7th album of compositions by Alain Lefèvre, featuring 7 works where the later musically revisits the human soul with its forever recurrent themes, such as fate, destiny, love, betrayal, death and beyond, darkness and light.
List of works recorded on CD*
LYLATOV, Audiogram (2000), ADCD 1031
Un Ange passe
Ma Jojo
Mon Absolue
Cool Cole (piano, double bass, drums)
CARNET DE NOTES, Audiogram (2002), ADCD 10156
La Solitude
Confidences (piano & voice)
Blanche et Louis, la belle histoire…
Les Lulus
Songe à Charlevoix
La Robe du Château (piano & voice)
Lettre à Théo
Philip Black Blue (piano, double bass, drums)
FIDÈLES INSOMNIES, Analekta (2006), AN 2 9276
Vingt ans
Paris sans toi
Fidèles Insomnies (piano & string quartet)
Comme en famille
Petite mère
Un Ange passe (piano & string quartet)
Lylatov (piano & string quartet)
La Callas
Au bout de mes rêves
JARDIN D’IMAGES, Analekta (2009), AN 2 9279
Jour de pluie
Sous le ciel de Cap-Santé
Ville Émard la Belle (piano, double bass, drums)
Promenade Italienne
Québec, Terre promise
Dis-moi tout
Le Panda Magique
La danse des petits lapins
PETIT NOËL, Analekta (2011), AN 2 9289 (a christmas album)
Noël en traineau
Petit Noël (piano & string quartet)
Première neige à Kamouraska
RIVE GAUCHE, Analekta (2015), AN 2 9295
Ciné Lumière
Rive Gauche
Le Chemin
Paris de mes souvenirs (piano & violin)
Time Out (piano, double bass, drums)
Parsifal le Chat
Mad about you - A nod to Elton John (piano, double bass, drums)
Au bout de mes rêves (piano & voice)
SAS AGAPO, Analekta (2016), AN 2 9297
Sas Agapo
Non retour
Promenade à Kavouri
Le Bel Amour
Grand Carnaval
OPUS 7, PRÉLUDES, Warner Classics (2021) 0190295400798
Force fragile
Dernier souffle
Amour Fou
En deux temps
Aux Portes du Destin
Clair Obscur
Mati (piano & bouzouki)
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Publisher - Éditorial Avenue
Photo credits: © Caroline Bergeron